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The Tombs Tell The Tale
Jewish people have had a desire to be buried facing the East Gate since before the Temple was even destroyed. The reason is because of scriptures such as those in Ezekiel and Zacheriah that speak of Messiah entering the East Gate of the Temple, and the raising of the dead spoken of in Daniel 12.
In the pictures below we can see that the Jews of the first century were buried facing the south end of the Temple Mount. The tombs on either side of the monument, known as Zecheriah's Tomb, has proved to be the tombs of a High Priest of the first century. It is located directly across from a double arch in the East wall at the south end of the Temple Mount.  I believe I have proved in my website that the arches lead to the true East Gate of the Temple complex. The Red Heifer Bridge crossed over the Kidron Valley from the arches to the other side of these tombs.
You can see that all of these lower Tombs also faced towards the arches in the east wall at the south end of the Mount.

The earlier tombs faced this same general direction clear up past the Road to Jericho,
as the yellow arrows in the next photo shows.

But then on the next level of the cemetery suddenly the tombs begin to face towards the North! (red arrows) Possibly towards the Dome of the Rock area.

The more recent of the tombs towards the top of the Mount of Olives, in the picture below, shows that these people buried here now believe the east gate to Solomon and Herod's Temples was the Muslim built east gate (so called Golden Gate) believing the Temple was most likely located in the Dome of the Rock area. They are wrong.

The Jewish people of this century should have just looked at the tombs of the first century, nearest the Temple Mount, and they most certainly would have known where the Temple was once located on the Mount.

Their very own graves tell the truth of the matter.


Big thanks to Richard M. of NZ for the wonderful photos!